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Your brother's awfully grown-up for his age.

Then, although it was dreary up to the other day, everywhere were flowers, flowers, flowers.

This bird is a wagtail.

I'm no longer afraid of Mehrdad.

He'll go to town for you.

The little baby was born yesterday.

She keeps on making the same mistakes.

To succeed, you must believe.

I didn't know, so don't tell me off.

Raif will turn up sooner or later.

Svante is not my sister.

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I'll change the sheets.

Every human envies the human admired by every Vulcan.

Who do you plan to eat dinner with?

In order to reach the apparel stalls, we went up by two floors.

Before their honeymoon was over, they were forced to part, for the king had to go on a warlike expedition to a far country, and leave his young wife alone at home.

Kristen is skinny, isn't he?

We had a good opinion of your son.

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I need to ask you some questions about Hughes.

He doesn't speak in other languages besides Esperanto!

The woman's hair is quite short.

Jesus is bound to know where Rebecca is.

God is paying you.

The drought may tell on the harvest this year.

Off with the head of duplicate-mongers.

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Things will get easier from now on.

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No, I don't have it.


She favors quiet colors.

She wants to be a simultaneous interpreter.

Alex wants to do something special for Rathnakumar's birthday.


I have to try it.


Jeffery is old.

I'm not going to tell you how to do that.

Last night, I heard dogs howling.

Please don't tell anybody.

I decided to become a lawyer.

The clock is accurate and dependable.

He was a Frenchman. I could tell by his accent.

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Dan needed to tip the balance in his favor.

I wonder how that works.

I wish Marek would just stay away.

What can I say? I'm a bad mammer jammer.

I went to Hokkaido to see the floating ice.

The policeman whistled the car to stop.

You tried that, didn't you?


I've always wanted to learn French.

These are our books.

Johannes liked to play chess.

Tammy was alone on Friday night.

Everybody in the picture is smiling happily.

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You're all fools.


The officer encouraged his men.

She hasn't called.

Hence, I shall have to stay here.

Don't tell me to shut up.

The fishermen around here smoke most of their fish.


Dirk says he's going to beat you up.

I think you did very well.

The way he looked at me irritated me very much.

I'm convinced that you're right.

I know Belinda has a pool.

I liked Turkeer better before he got married.

Carolyn has his own room.

He solved the difficult problem.

He has come a long way.

They want to separate after 40 years of marriage.

I have a debt to pay.

I'm not going to argue with Randal.

It isn't your fault.

In spite of the terrible congestion, I was in time for the appointment.

Do you need me to buy you anything at the supermarket?

I'm humble.

She likes all the dresses he bought for her, old and new.

I'll find someone to help us.

Brodie attempted to escape from jail.


I remember playing with Yoshiko in that garden when we were young.

Five hundred British soldiers had been captured.

It would be nice to spend some time with Kimmo.

Dick never really thought about those kinds of things.

I've never been happier in my life.

Randall is broke.

Pierce was elected in 1852.

In many countries it is normal for all television programmes to have subtitles.

I never knew it was there.


Eli might want some help.

As far as I know, they are still together.

This time, the battle would be among diplomats.

Except for John, they all arrived.

Drew stumbled backwards.


He turned his back on the old traditions.

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We would like to distribute your product in Japan.

See you at home.

He died five years ago.

Heidi is a likeable person.

Are you responsible for this?


Rik and his wife live in Boston.

Terry ordered some food.

Quality over quantity.


Dennis looked for his first-aid kit, but couldn't find it.

I would like to have this camera.

I don't love you.

Wendell is the owner.

It's difficult for me to solve this problem.


She was more than happy to do it.

In all honesty, I could not say the room allotted to me was comfortable.

How will it end?

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Why would you want me to stay?

We've got a lot to learn.

When were the elections?


Sit back and enjoy it.


This car accommodates five people.


We respect them a lot.

He's curious about everything.

I hope you learn.

Would you please write with a ballpoint pen?

I have no reason not to trust him.


Someone loves us.

I read your new book with real delight.

I'd better go.

Our plan has many additional advantages.

I thanked him for his help.


The green leaves are coming out.

Let's find a solution that is acceptable to everyone.

It's a pain in the neck to get there by public transportation.


Tell us the story from beginning to end.


I think a god's name has got to be out. From the moment the kid's named you know he's not going to be able to live up to it!

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I'll kill the both of you.

I'm going crazy! I miss him so much!

He has spent most of his working life as a diplomat.

Ramneek wanted to be famous.

This soup is too salty to eat.

Was that Luis's computer?

He walked home.

I'll try to do it as fast as I can.

The child crashed his model train into his sister's dollhouse.

Jayesh cleared his throat before he started talking.

Let's turn back to the third lesson.

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The man behind them is playing the piano.

We are leaving Japan next month.

Do you want to play tennis?

June refused to pay the ransom.

Please be patient.


Nathaniel was arrested last year.

The press is not allowed inside.

I appreciate you coming here.

I guess Marian was in Boston.

I don't like being questioned.

He ran off with his best friend's wife and hasn't been heard from since.

Konstantinos retired last year.

Are you going to sit with me?

The store is right in the middle of the city.

I am worried about him.

Vladimir said that it was a mistake and that he would not do it again.


Don't put anything on top of the box.

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When did this occur?

She has fake eyelashes.

Someone should've been able to come up with a better title than that.

You can't really expect Deirdre to change.

I calmed down upon finding out that the operation was successful.

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I thought Hirotoshi wouldn't want any help.

Even though her salary is low, she works hard for that company.

I never hit her.


It's a fixer-upper.